Born in Chicago, I have a warm, midwestern personality, but after a long and successful corporate career, I have a backbone of steel. I can be your uncompromising corporate lawyer as well as your favorite aunt.  However, my most fun roles are a bit on the crazy side.  

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I was the CFO/SVP at HBO Sports.  It was joy to work for the network.  I handled not only the financial demands of a major sports division, but also negotiated talent deals and licensing contracts.  I managed staff, presented financials and budgets to the Chairman of the company, and represented the network in many industry relationships.

I am an enthusiastic wife, mother and retired Finance/Operations Executive. I am deep into my second career/passion: acting. I have had good initial success. I am currently SAG eligible and have enjoyed many indie/TV and improv projects. I spent 30 years at HBO retiring as the CFO of HBO Sports. I spin, run and enjoy life. 

SAG*Aftra Eligible